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SHORTI Quick-Switch™

What can we say, our Shorti Quick-Switch patchbay line has exceeded all expectations. What makes the “Shorti” so unique?

The price of the units
The flexibility of setting and changing normals
and grounds on a pre-jack basis.
The fact that you can re-configure those setting easily.
The mating connector and pins are supplied with all units.
All Shorti units are available from stock.


2x48x2RU ... 96 point MINI (Bantam/TT) Shorti

2x48x2RU, Digital Ready, WEP-962-SH, Most Common


The WEP-962-SH 2x48x2RU is the most common unit. Digital ready, these units are available in 2RU, 1.5RU, and 1RU. At $996, your won't find a better deal.

Ordering Number is WEP-962-SH

2x26x1RU 52 point ... 1/4" Long-Frame Shorti

Ordering number is WEP-261-SH

2x26x2RU 52 point ... 1/4" Long-Frame Shorti

Ordering number is WEP-262-SH


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