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WQP-01-E-C-24-N-2... 2x24x2RU



2 rows of 24 (48 total) _” Long-Frame Maxi jacks pre-wired with all connections brought out to the ADC QCP MKII punch-down backplate. With each of the TRS and normal connections brought out, any normalling configuration can to achieve on the rear of the unit. This patchbay is self-contained in a 14” deep box, a cable support tray is also provided on the rear of this unit.

Order Number is WQP-01-E-C-24-N-2


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Need audio patch cords for the above unit?

Order# Description Price
LFR18 18” Red Audio Patch Cords $29.00
LFB18 18” Black Audio Patch Cords $29.00
LFR24 24” Red Audio Patch Cords $29.00
LFB24 24” Black Audio Patch Cords $29.00
LFR36 36” Red Audio Patch Cords $29.00
LFB36 36” Black Audio Patch Cords $29.00

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