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WQP-01-E-C-24-N-2... 2x24x2RU



2 rows of 24 (48 total) _” Long-Frame Maxi jacks pre-wired with all connections brought out to the ADC QCP MKII punch-down backplate. With each of the TRS and normal connections brought out, any normalling configuration can to achieve on the rear of the unit. This patchbay is self-contained in a 14” deep box, a cable support tray is also provided on the rear of this unit.

Order Number is WQP-01-E-C-24-N-2


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Need audio patch cords for the above unit?

Order# Description Price
LFR18 18” Red Audio Patch Cords  
LFB18 18” Black Audio Patch Cords  
LFR24 24” Red Audio Patch Cords  
LFB24 24” Black Audio Patch Cords  
LFR36 36” Red Audio Patch Cords  
LFB36 36” Black Audio Patch Cords  

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