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612A/Type1... 2x26x1RU



2 rows of 26 (52 total) —” Long-Frame Maxi" jacks, 1RU high, solder lugs on the rear of the jack, tie bar cable support.

Order Number is 612A/Type 1

Also available is 2RU:
Order Number 632J4P/Type 1


Call us at 603/446-3335

Need audio patch cords for the above unit?

Order# Description Price
LFR18 18” Red Audio Patch Cords  
LFB18 18” Black Audio Patch Cords  
LFR24 24” Red Audio Patch Cords  
LFB24 24” Black Audio Patch Cords  
LFR36 36” Red Audio Patch Cords  
LFB36 36” Black Audio Patch Cords  

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