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Video Technical Info

Prewired Half Audio-Half Video.
13 video, 26 audio. (WSP-26AV2) Most common.

On this panel we do the wiring on the audio portion of this unit for you. Typically supplied with 13 video jacks (75 ohm, dual self-normalling, terminated jacks) and 26 audio jacks with everything (EO) brought out to 3-Pin connectors. Consult factory for details and options.

Half Audio - Half Video—Unwired.
Yes, you can put Audio and Video jacks in the same panel. These are available in 2x20, 2x24, and 2x26 configurations. You tell us how you want the jacks installed.

RGB Video Panels.
Nothing fancy here, just a video panel with the jack configuration layout to accommodate the RGB pattern. Only available in 2x24x2RU (3-1/2”) panel. RGB cords are available in 2 ft. and 3 ft. lengths.

Single-Row Video Panel.
Sometimes you just need a simple single-row video panel. Here it is with your choice of jacks.


Prewired Half Audio-Half Video

Half Audio-Unwired

RGB Video Panels

Single-Row Video Panel

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