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Sample Product Number: WP-EO-24-N-1-F-SAC90/120

(2X24X1RU 1/4" MAXI with EDAC; full normals out)

If you know the EXACT product number enter it here:


Or, search by key word: MAXI, EDAC, SKINI, MINI, QCP, 3-PIN


Product numbers for audio patchbays (especially those of the wired variety) can be pretty complicated. Ours were first developed back in the sixties when engineers thought nothing of whipping out their slide rules to solve an equation or developing numbering systems that were totally indecipherable to all but the “inner circle” of cognescenti*. Our Founder was a terrific guy, but even he couldn't resist the temptation of creating part numbers that made his business appear to be running wild on the cutting edge of technological obfuscation*.
But, if you look at the example above, and details on the right, there is a kind of method to our madness.

*Don’t worry. We don’t use words like that up here in Marlow, NH.
That’s our copywriter down in “The Big City” (Keene, New Hampshire;
pop. 22,000). And we humor him by letting him use big words like that
so he doesn’t charge us as much. And we pass the savings on to you! (Well, sort of.)

Click for sample spec sheet.

Other helpful ordering tips:

1. WP = Wired (Connectorized) Panel
Other options would be:

WQP: Wired with QCP Backplate
WSP: Wired Special Panel
WAVP: Wired to AVP Rapid Punch
WKP: Wired to Krone Blocks
WEP: Wired to EAC/ELCO 3-Pin Connectors
And if you see a D in there, it's probably digital.

2. EO = Everything Out
Other options would be:

HN: Half-Normalled
FN: Full Normalled
NN: Non-Normalled

3. 24 = 24 jacks per row
Other options would be:

26, 32 (SKINI), 48 & 52 (MINI)

4. N = Grounds not bussed.
The option is, of course, B=Bussed

5. 1 = 1 Rack Unit.
The other option is, typically, 2.

6. F = The Sex of Connector.
Other Options are M (Male) and X (Special)

7. SAC90/120 is, of course the Standard Audio Configuration Pin-Out.

8. Another Common Letter Choice is C or H for Chassis or Harnessed Cable.

There are some other letters and numbers that get thrown in there for specific reasons, but this gives you the main idea. Don't feel you need to try this at home —except, perhaps, as a party game with your friends (you could type in a number and see if it's valid by whether you actually get a spec sheet!) If you need a spec sheet for an AudioPatchbay and don't know the number, just call.


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