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Video Technical Info

2x24x1RU (VJ2E241U/DVJ-W)
Most common.


Video patching requires durable and reliable video patch cords. We supply three types in black only. These cords are manufactured with Canare LV-615, 75 ohm cable and are wired to Canare video patch plugs and/or Canare BNC plugs. These cords are digital-ready.

Video Panel

• Panels may be ordered with or without jacks.

• Canare, Kings, and Trompeter jacks also available separately (when not installed in panels).

• Panels come equipped with EIA mounting slots.

• All one rack-unit (1RU) panels (1-3/4”) come standard with 2-line designation strips.

• All two rack-unit (2RU) panels (3-1/2”) come standard with 4-line designation strips.

• If you have a special need, we’ll design a panel to any specifications. Just call.

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