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Video Technical Info

Prewired Half Audio-Half Video.
13 video, 26 audio. (WSP-26AV2) Most common.

On this panel we do the wiring on the audio portion of this unit for you. Typically supplied with 13 video jacks (75 ohm, dual self-normalling, terminated jacks) and 26 audio jacks with everything (EO) brought out to 3-Pin connectors. Consult factory for details and options.

Pre-Wired Half Audio Half-Video  
Configuration Order No.
2x12 video & 24 1/4” audio WSP-24AV2
2x13 video & 26 1/4” audio WSP-26AV2
2x12 video & 48 MINI audio (FN) WSP-96AV2FN
2x12 video & 48 MINI audio (HN) WSP-96AV2HN
2x16 mid-size video & 48 MINI audio* WSP-32AVSH
*Audio portion is SHORTI programmable  

16 video, 48 audio, WSP-32AVSH, Audio portion is SHORTI programmable

RGB Video Panels.
Nothing fancy here, just a video panel with the jack configuration layout to accommodate the RGB pattern. Only available in 2x24x2RU (3-1/2”) panel. RGB cords are available in 2 ft. and 3 ft. lengths.

RGB Video Panels and Cords
Item Order No.
2-ft. Patch Cord RGB-2
3-ft. Patch Cord RGB-3

Single-Row Video Panel.
Sometimes you just need a simple single-row video panel. Here it is with your choice of jacks.

Single-Row Video
  Single Unterminated Single Terminated
Configuration Order No Order No.
1x24x1RU 311J4P/J3W 311J4P/J13W-75
1x26x1RU 611J4P/J3W 611J4P/J13W-75
1x32x1RU 32MV11/CJMID 32MV11/CJMIDT



Prewired Half Audio-Half Video

Half Audio-Unwired

RGB Video Panels

Single-Row Video Panel

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