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2x48x1RU (48P-12A/TYPE 1)
Most common.

Since 1980, our MINI (Bantam/TT) jacks and panels have become our most popular audio patchbays. With capacity for 48 or 52 jacks per row, they make it possible to incorporate more patching into each rack—particularly important in mobile units where space is at a premium. Remember, our audio jacks and panels are manufactured start to finish right here in Marlow, NH, USA, where time stands still and the moose run free!

Jack Info

This 1.5RU (2.6”) panel lets you have a 4-line designation strip for your labeling, without having to give up two rack-units of space. Note: if you stack two of these units together, you use a three rack-unit space. All of the jack row spacings shown above are available in this size.

This is a standard end drawing of a 2RU (3-1/2”) panel. All of the jack row spacings shown above are available in this size.


Tip, Ring, Sleeve (TRS) only.


Tip, Ring, Sleeve (TRS) with normals (most common).




• Panels may be ordered with or without jacks.

• Panels come equipped with EIA mounting slots and tie bar.

• All one rack-unit (1RU) panels (1-3/4”) come standard with 2-line designation strips.

• All two rack-unit (2RU) panels (3-1/2”) come standard with 4-line designation strips.

• If you have a special need, we’ll design a panel to any specification. Just call.


• .078” Western Electric #1 gold alloy contacts.

• Hot-solder-dipped terminals, fanned for ease in wiring.

• Offset ground terminals for bussing of grounds are available upon request.

• Nylon support bumper ensures solid contact.

• Jack frame and bushing are plated with copper, nickel and bright chrome.


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