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Don’t want to make your own interconnect cables? Let us do it for you. Just use the chart below to specify the cables you need to connect between the SHORTI patchbay and your equipment. If you don’t see what you want, consult our factory or call your dealer. We can manufacture just about any cable you want, to any length you want, analog or digital.

When specifying length, we strongly suggest that you plan on leaving a one-foot service loop on the interconnect cables at the rear of the unit for ease of pulling the unit out from the front and changing the normals.




Pre-made jumper options for interfacing your SHORTI patchbays.

Bring two signals into one jack.

4-Way Mult Jumper.
Internally connect the mains of four jacks together.


4-Way Mult Jumper w/Signal Feeder.
Internally connect the mains of four jacks together, then have the option to feed signal to them if desired.



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