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2x26x2RU (Order No. WEP-262-SHSN)
Sleeve-normal unit. For use with analog or digital

If you’re after a Sleeve-normal patchbay, or a unit with all connections out (Everything Out - EO), consider this SHORTI. A 2x26x2RU, 1/4” Long-Frame MAXI patchbay with Tip, Ring, Sleeve, Tip-normal, Ring-normal, and Sleeve-normal of each jack all brought out to individual 3-Pin EDAC connectors, is mounted on the rear of a 4-inch-deep SHORTI box, with a cabling support tray behind for bundling incoming cables.

From here you have many options. You can, for example, full-normal/sleeve-normal the unit by installing a pre-made jumper (supplied with panel). You can just full-normal (FN) the unit by simply cutting out the sleeve-normal jumper. You can half-normal (HN) the unit by purchasing a half-normalled split jumper. Or you can leave it non-normalled (NN) by not installing any jumpers.



• 52 3-Pin male mating connectors (E3M) and 156 crimp pinssupplied with panel.

• We suggest leaving a 1-foot service loop for ease of changing normalling.

• For bussed grounds, specify when ordering. Note that once these units are bussed, they cannot be altered.


Internal Normal Jumper.
26 internal normalling jumpers supplied with panel.

Half-Normal Split Jumper.
Unique to the WEP-262-SHSN panel. Order separately.


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