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No Bull. Hold the Winkle.

Marlow, NH (pop. 601) has many claims to fame. In previous catalogs, we’ve told you about the black flies so big they can devour a flatlander in a single bite. And about the snowdrifts so big that Santa can’t deliver until May. But one of Marlow’s most impressive claims to fame is that it’s home to many magnificent moose that can be found wandering our wetlands in all kinds of weather.

If you ever find yourself travelling through northern New England during early summer, you should know that the best time to spot one of our not-so-furry friends is in the early morning. Often folks will get up before the crack of dawn, smear bug- repellent over every inch of their bodies and then head out to the nearest bog, where they get devoured by mosquitoes who obviously can’t read the label on the bug spray. But it all proves to be worth it when a few
moose stroll casually out of the woods and start ruminating...on horsetails, pond-weed, grass, lichen, and just about any vegetable matter that’s available. They also use their
bottom lip to strip bark and leaves off tasty little willows and poplars.

By the way—next time you need a good piece of trivia—that flap of skin hanging down from the neck of a moose, below that lower lip, is called a “bell” or “dewlap.”

Why Are We Telling You All This Stuff?
Because we want you to know that we manufacture the best jacks and patchbays in the business up here in southwestern New Hampshire, in a huge (but humble) clapboarded home on the banks of the Ashuelot River. It’s a place where the moose run free, the humans are pretty frisky themselves, and, most importantly, where personal service is still a way of life. After all, when it comes to your audio, video, or digital signals, it really helps when you can work directly with folks you can really connect with. And if you can’t trust someone who goes moose-watching before breakfast who can you trust? It’s no contest! Moose watchers win hooves down!

We’ve been leaders in this business for over fifty years, when our founder moved up here to start manufacturing super-reliable high-end audio patchbays. Ever since then, we’ve been the company audio and video professionals turn to, whether they need one or hundreds of patchbays, on time, on budget, and on spec.

We’ve been known to get a little wired—just ask.
Whether you’re dealing with audio, video, or digital patchbays, pre-wired or au naturel, give us a call to talk about your application... and your deadlines. We have standard MAXI (1/4” Long-Frame) and MINI (Bantam) patchbays ready to ship as fast as you can say Alces Alces (that’s Latin for moose). We also manufacture an exclusive line of SKINI patchbays that were developed for installations where space is at a real premium. They use traditional 1/4” jacks but can fit up to 32 in a row.

Any of these patchbays can be supplied ready to wire, or prewired to just about anything—including QCP, EDAC, Cannon, AMP, and Krone connectors—just about
any which way you could possibly want.

Best of all, since we manufacture virtually everything, right down to our Audio-Line jacks, here in the wild blue yonder of Marlow, NH, we can deliver custom panels just about as fast as off-the-shelf. If it’s a custom application, we can work with you to explore multiple options and determine the very best solution for your application. But whether it’s standard or custom, single units or multiple racks of them, our unbeatable combination of efficiency, high standards, years of experience, and good humor means you just won’t find a better value.

So next time you need something of the audio, video, or digital patchbay persuasion, think MOOSE, think MARLOW, think AUDIO ACCESSORIES!








The Marlow Patchbay
(Patchbayus Audio Accessorus)

Height: How high do you want it?
Length: We once made one 47 inches long!
Weight: 3 oz. (male-plug); 2 oz. (female-jack) (But the females are smarter.)
Jacks per row: up to 52 (standard); the sky’s the limit! Lifespan: Lifetime Guarantee!
Diet: Hand-made patch cords w/nylon outer braid and copper shield
Composition: Phenolic base, gold alloy contacts, solder-dipped terminals
Normalling: Full, half, non
Wiring Options: Punchdown, connectorized, other
Grounding Options: Bussed, not bussed, to specific apps

The Marlow Moose
(Alces Marlowus)

Height: 6-7 feet
Length: 8-9 feet
Weight: 1,100 lbs. (male); 900 lbs. (female) (Those antlers are heavy!)
Tines per antler: Up to 15 Lifespan: 20-25 years
Diet: Grass, lichen, bark, leaves
Composition: Flesh, blood, the usual
Normalling: Not very Wiring
Options: Not recommended
Grounding Options: Bogs preferred


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