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1.5RU (2.6”)
Self-contained chassis.

Custom? No problem. Audio Accessories, Inc. has been manufacturing custom patchbays for over 30 years. In the picture above, a standard 2x48 MINI jack panel is mounted on a 1.5RU(2.6”) chassis. The customer requested two different-sex EDAC connectors (to separate Row 1 from Row 2); Tip, Ring, and Sleeve only out to connectors; normalled internally at the jacks. No one in the industry has a better reputation than we do for making your patchbay the way you want it. Below are other custom audio items.

Combination XLR and Sub-D.

Not so standard, this 3RU (5-1/4”) panel has a combination of XLRs and Sub-D 9-pin connectors. This is truly custom.

Multiple Connectors.

This 8x32 MINI panel was made for an OEM of audio consoles here in the US. We put a number of different pair counts and connector types on the unit, to allow plugging directly into the console for easy installation. Back to top


Interconnect Backplate.

We’ve taken the ADC backplate and wired it to Sub-D 37-pin connectors so that the end user can plug right into a router and have all the terminations easily accessible for punching down.
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Combination EDAC and XLR.

This 2x32 2RU has Row 1 to a 90-pin EDAC and Row 2 off to a loose multiconductor snake cable with XLR connectors. Normalling on this unit is internal at the jacks. Another example of a custom unit supplied to our customer’s specifications.



Combination XLR and Sub-D

Multiple Connectors

Interconnect Backplate

Combination EDAC and XLR

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