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2x26x1RU (WXP-02-H4-26-N-1)
XLR Patchbay.

Here’s another Audio patchbay designed in response to customer requests. Because of the physical size of the XLR connectors, we have put a harnessed cable between the panel and XLR backplates. Most commonly available in 2x24, 2x26 MAXI, and 2x32 SKINI Long-Frame, we can also manufacture 2x48 mini if that’s what you need. Tip, Ring, and Sleeve only come out to the XLR, with normalling at the jacks. These units are common for patching digital audio. Consult factory for your specific need.

Ordering XLR Patchbays

Although XLR Patchbays are a standard item for us, each one is unique. So, to order, contact us to determine your specifications in terms of normalling options, the sex of connectors in each row, length of cable, analog/digital, etc. We'll assign a unique Part # that we'll maintain on file for future ordering.



Good, old-fashioned screw-down terminals—barrier strips are available in a 2x24 Long-Frame only, mounted on a 2RU panel. Tip, Ring, and Sleeve only are brought out to the barrier strips. Normals can be either full (FN) or half (HN). Grounds can be bussed. Specify when ordering.


XLR Panel

We can provide any length cable between the panel and XLR backplates.

Unless otherwise specified, Neutrik XLR connectors are used on the backplates.

XLR pinout as follows: Pin 1—Ground, Pin 2—Hot(Tip+), Pin 3—Cold(Ring-).

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