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RS-422-1U-24 with RS-422 dual patch cords and interconnect cable.
12 in 12 out.

The RS-422 Serial Data System is typically used to patch machine controls, editor ports, or computer data interconnections or any 9-pin RS-422 serial devices you need to organize and interface. We have four units available with different patching capacities as shown in the pictures below (8, 12, 16, or 24 in and out).

8 in 8 out.

12 in 12 out.

16 in 16 out.

24 in 24 out.


RS-422-1U-16, 8 in 8 out

RS-422-1U-24, 12 in 12 out

RS-422-2U-32, 16 in 16 out

RS-422-2U-48, 24 in 24 out


• Serial Data Systems come standard with EIA slots and an enclosed self-contained chassis.

• Jacks are paired horizontally or vertically with each pair normalled internally.

• Panels are equipped with 9-pin Sub-D female connectors.

• Models RS-422-1U-16 and RS-422-2U-32 are designed to accommodate Sony D-9 cables.


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