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2x48x1RU (WP-HN-48-N-1-F-SAC90)
Most common.

These connectorized MINI (TT/Bantam) panels incorporate EDAC multi-pin connectors. Notice that there is a variety of backplate configurations that are typically used for these systems based on the normalling that is required. See the highlights at right or call us for details. MINI w/EDAC (EO)

2x48x1RU (WP-EOHN-48-N-1-F-SAC90/120)

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N = Grounds not bussed. Replace with B in Order No. for bussed grounds.

2x48x1RU (WP-HN-48-N-1-F-SAC56)

2x48x1RU (WP-FN-48-N-1-F-SAC38)



EDAC Connectors & Cables, etc.

Pinout Configurations


• Unless otherwise specified, four 90-pin female connectors (SAC90) will be supplied on the rear of all units.

• Other options for MINI patchbays include six 56-pin (SAC56) connectors or eight 38-pin connectors (SAC38).

• Standard Audio Configuration (SAC) is the most common pinout used for EDAC connectors and will be supplied unless otherwise specified.

• “48P” Group Spacing is standard. “48E” and “48S” Spacing can be provided—specify when ordering. Just call.


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