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2x48x2RU (WQP-07-P-C-48-N-2)
Self-contained. Most common.

2x48x1RU (WQP-05-P-H4-48-N-1)
4-foot harness. Most common.

We can pre-wire your MINI (Bantam/TT) patchbay to ADC QCP Ultra-Patch punchdown backplates. We offer self-contained (most common) and harnessed panels with your choice of options for normalling.





• Self-contained units available in 2RU (3-1/2”) panels only.

• Standard cable length between panel and backplate is 4 feet; any length can be provided. Call factory.

• Unless otherwise specified a 4-line designation strip is supplied on all 2RU (3-1/2”) panels.

• ADC Ultra-Patch backplates require a punchdown insertion tool (Order No. QB-2). Replacement tips are available (Order No. QB-2T).

• Belden wire used for all analog and digital units. 110 ohm cable supplied for digital.

• Unless otherwise specified all panels will be manufactured with the 48P Group Spacing.


• EO(05)=Tip, Ring, Sleeve and normals brought out to backplate, everything out.

• FN(06)=Tip, Ring, Sleeve only out to backplate, full-normalled at jacks.

• HN(07)=Tip, Ring, Sleeve only out to backplate, half-normalled at jacks.

• NN(08)=Tip, Ring, Sleeve only out to backplate, non-normalled at jacks.

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