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2x24x1RU (WP-HN-24-N-1-F-SAC90)
Most common.

EDAC Connectors are also used with a wide range of 1/4” L ong-Frame MAXI and our exclusive SKINI wired panels. As with the MINI EDAC panels, your backplate configuration is based on your normalling requirements. Unless otherwise specified, two 90-pin female connectors (SAC90) will be supplied on the rear of all FN, HN, and NN units (as shown in the picture above). For EO (Everything Out) configurations, SAC90/120 (two 90-pin and one 120-pin) is typically used as shown at right.


2x26x1RU (WP-EO-26-N-1-F-SAC90/120)

SAC90/120: two 90-pin and one 120-pin connectors (for EO configurations).

* = Most Common
N = Grounds not bussed. Replace with B in Order No. for bussed grounds.




EDAC Connectors & Cables, etc.

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