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2x26x2RU (WKP-EO-SC-26-N-2)

Audio Accessories, Inc., has developed its own line of prewired 1/4” Long-Frame and MINI (TT/Bantam) punchdown patchbays wired to Krone IDC punchdown contact terminals. We chose Krone based on its worldwide reputation in the broadcast and telecommunications industries. On the 1/4” Long-Frame (MAXI) patchbay, Tip, Ring, Sleeve, and normals of each jack are brought out to the PCB-mounted Krone contact terminal. On the MINI patchbay, Tip, Ring, and Sleeve only are brought out to the terminals with the normals configured internally on the PC board. MINI w/Krone Blocks

2x48x2RU (WKP-FN-SC-48-N-2)





Wiring requires the Krone Punch-down Tool shown above (Order No. KPT-Tool).

• You can wire your panel using AWG 22, 24, or 26 solid or stranded wire.

• We recommend using the same AWG wire type on each terminal. (Max. two wires per terminal.)

• Gas-tight connections.

• Silver-plated contacts.


• Cost-effective alternative punchdown system.

• Available only in 2RU (3-1/2”) self-contained chassis.

• All units come standard with cabling support tray.

Audio Accessories, Inc.
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