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Spec Sheet

2x26x2RU (WEP-262EO-SH-JSK)
Most common. (This is a direct replacement for WEP-EO-C-26-N-2-D)

* = Most Common.
N = Grounds not bussed. Replace with B in Order No. for bussed grounds.
C = Chassis. Replace with H4 in Order No. for units with a 4-foot harnessed cable wired to loose backplate. (Not all units are available harnessed. Consult factory.)
A = Analog. Replace with D in Order No. for units wired with 110 ohm digital cable.

2x24x1RU (WEP-HN-C-24-N-1-A)
Most common.


2x32x2RU (WEP-FN-C-32-N-2-D)
Rear view.




• Unit incorporates a unisex crimp-able EDAC/ELCO pin.

• Quick reconfiguration of jacks via the connector.

• You can choose a self-contained unit (most common) or harnessed cable version at no additional cost.

• 4 ft. cables are standard. Longer cables available for extra charge.

• All units are supplied with mating connectors and pins.

• EDAC or ELCO crimp tools available for crimping your pins.


• EO=Tip, Ring, Sleeve and normals brought out to connectors, everything out.

• FN=Tip, Ring, Sleeve only out to connectors, full-normalled at jacks.

• HN=Tip, Ring, Sleeve only out to connectors, half-normalled at jacks.

• NN=Tip, Ring, Sleeve only out to connectors, non-normalled at jacks.

Clean, easy, and simple backplate layout.

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