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SH_DAP64BNC 32RU_0581
2x32x2RU, DAP-64-BNC3, Most Common, 75Ω BNC to Balanced, AES 110Ω 3-pin

DAP-Close up
Detail view of rear backplate


2x32x2RU, DAP-64-3BNC, Most Common, Balanced AES 110Ω 3-pin to 75Ω BNC


2x32x2RU, DAP-64-BNC, Most Common, 75Ω BNC to 75Ω BNC


2x48x2RU, Order Number: DAP96-2RU


All the advantages of COAX with 110 ohm balanced patches.
• Meets AES3 standard.
• Longer cable runs with less distortion.
• Higher sampling frequencies.
• Greater noise immunity.
• Easy installation.
• High reliability.


Cost effective compared to a 2X24 video patchbay (for patching digital audio) and 48 external baluns (for converting 110 ohm to 75 ohm).
• Uses standard 110 ohm MINI/TT/Bantam audio patch cords.
• Uses standard BNC connectors on the rear of the unit.
• Rear cabling tray for bundling and organizing all coax feeds.
• Large 4-line designation strips on the front panel for labeling.
• Patch directly between 110 ohm patchbays.

Each jack has a built-in balun to match the 75 ohm unbalanced coaxial cable to the balanced 110 ohm jack.

The BNC Series digital audio patchbays from Audio Accessories provide you with the greatest
flexibility for cabling your digital audio facility.

Configuration: Self-Normalling
Nominal Impedance: 75 ohms at BNC
110 ohms at panel
Frequency Range: 0.3 to 300 MHz
Return Loss: >20dB
Crosstalk: <-60dB


500 foot, 110 ohm
Twisted Pair Cable

1000 foot, 75 ohm
Coaxial Cable

Take full advantage of the low noise/low distortion
benefits of coax cable with the flexibility of patching between other 110 ohm patchbays.

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