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2x48x1RU MINI (1718WPC-HN--1RU)
Most common.

We were the first company to make these patchbays, which are most commonly used in conjunction with patching for intercom systems. Typically, we bring only Tip and Ring of each jack out to the 50-pin AMP connectors, half-normalled at the jacks. The grounds are bussed and brought out to a binding post. If you don’t see what you want, give us a call and we’ll be happy to design and manufacture to your specs..

As an alternative to the traditional intercom units featured above with two rows of 50-pin AMP connectors on the rear, we now offer units with one of the rows wired to 3-pin connectors and the other row to the 50-pin AMP connector and vice versa. This will make your installation easier and faster. The units are available in all three sizes, 1RU, 1.5RU and 2RU.

Consult factory for more details and ordering information.

50-Pin Amp Champ connectors

Adobe PDFWhat a great way to break out those 50-Pin Amp Champ connectors.These modules allow just that to 25 individual 3-pin connectors. This module is also compatible with the RTS IFB828 system.

Order #4371X Breakout Panel

4343X Download 4343X PDF

RTS ADAM MATRIX Breakout Panel

RJ45 connector to two 3-Pin connectors (In, Out), 16 total individual points. Note- Custom cables must be made to connect from RJ45 to RJ12 on the RTS ADAM MATRIX box, see PDF for details.

Order #4343X Breakout Panel


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