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2x26x1RU (612A/TYPE 1)
Most common.

Audio Accessories, Inc., manufactures a standard line of audio 1/4” Long-Frame MAXI jacks and panels—for many years, the industry standard. By manufacturing at our own factory here in Marlow, we can guarantee the same exacting specifications our customers have relied on for more than 50 years. Each panel is machined in-house and each jack is hand-adjusted and inspected to ensure years of fail-proof patching.

Tip, Ring, Sleeve (TRS) only.

Tip, Ring, Sleeve (TRS) with normals (most common).






Panel highlights

• Panels may be ordered with or without jacks.

• Panels come equipped with EIA mounting slots and tie bar.

• All one rack-unit (1RU) panels (1-3/4") come standard with 2-line designation strips.

• All two rack-unit (2RU) panels (3-1/2") come standard with 4-line designation strips.

• If you have a special need, we'll design a panel to any specification. Just call.

Jack highlights

• .078” Western Electric #1 gold alloy contacts.

• Hot-solder-dipped terminals, fanned for ease in wiring.

• Additional ground terminal, offset for busbar.

• Nylon support bumper ensures solid contact.

• Jack frame and bushing are plated with copper, nickel and bright chrome.

Audio Accessories, Inc.
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